Birthday Island~

by Plains

    Cassette + Digital Album

    First physical release from Plains via Happenin Records. It's the first Friday Wash production on cassette!! The tape and digital download includes three extra tracks NOT available online!

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1.tune your ears to step in
4.some light is made deep inside
3.patience chips the revolution to a hope
4.what does the day walk on?


released September 24, 2012

thanks to Mk Ross for being on tracks 4 and 9
thank you close ones
thanks you for all of your support
twiddled at home
A FRIDAY WASH recording
Distributed by HAPPENIN RECORDS & FW



all rights reserved


Plains Brooklyn, New York

~rock and roll~
~so much fun~

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Track Name: Stuck Ripe Winds
too lazy to find,
too logic to breathe,
ready to define,
like you’ve got the key,
where’d you get that idea,
chalking up the sea?
stuck behind these ripe winds,
breathing the disease,
all i’ve got with leaving,
on my god of grease
stick your keys on freezing,
branches sans the leaves,
ripple in and you’re here again,
ripple in just to love again,
ranted with the best minds,
of this pictured time,
get on with this molded image,
when it stains your mind,
who was hungry
shaped and showed me,
family other rock,
overthrow the home,
tripping on the moss,
used to rolling stoned,
carded by the ‘what?’,
owned a perfect throne,
and you ripple in
Track Name: Animal Lease
animal lease, proudly controlled, your skin is too tight, it itsn’t a hold, a history that hates itself, levelled right down to the bone, city’s achin, kind of age, your projectior is afraid, animal time, what do you know, nothing is right, catching a stone, a chandelier fell to the floor, felt my way back to her door, i’m for raisin’ outer things, back from lyin’ in their names, proud of nothing, check in late looking for some higher pain, check the rhythm of your step, call it something you have left
Track Name: All Together
fill my only head, with reasons just to sit,
yeah the bigger message does bother me too,
taken by suprise, what didyou expect?
you really think you know how to survive,
you will never understand but you can try,
how you feel is only in your mind
so keep all your roses in the ground,
love only fills a heart to make a sound,
that’s why reverb is better,
it just brings us all together
so keep all your roses in the ground.
have to take a self, work it into lines,
yeah it only takes one love to rock the night,
if your mirror says, don’t open your eyes,
well the church of rocknroll doesn’t lose time,
don’t carve a wall that doesn’t go outside,
heart and breath is all you’ll ever find
Track Name: Birthday Island
i can not even describe the words,
the way, that you make me feel,
remember all your transactions,
keep them in your head,
that’s the only way you keep it real,
i’m just searching some direction,
maybe that is bad protection to
keep endangered feet from walking,
confusion never seemed so good.
but if you want to walk outside and look at the sky,
rare is the air that don’t float down here
and some needs don’t survive.
are these pages the anchors and prisons
of the errors and past loves?
hold on to all your possessions,
keep them in your sister world,
you will not find it in blood,
maybe it’s the time of day that
gets me on or maybe it’s the way you
lay torn inside of the cave, there is no
path just another shade.
so take a walk to the birthday island!
keep that celebration in your face!
keep it together, keep it alright,
keep it together keep it alright.
manhood is no machine life,
i got all this way just to feel weak,
want to know what it seems,
there’s no path just another shade
Track Name: Stay True
life is like a lie unlike in dreams,
folded neatly underneath what seems,
like if i could fight with everything,
maybe hibernate beneath the ring.
like the laugh of time among the seasons,
you’ll be getting wealthy making reasons,
oh it’s your glue, stay true.
tingle like a freak, enjoy the drown,
nothing really changes with a crown,
like if i could fight the way i sing,
objects only lay under the ground.
like the lasting tide has a new secret,
you’ll be getting warmer if you read it,
but you cannot be unglued.
it’s the doctor everybody knows,
pain’s the father of the light transposed,
it’s the doctor everybody knows,
patience never leads it only grows,
public phantom standing with one eye,
you can do your best and never try,
you know expectations are still weaving,
through some needed sleep and misbelieving
Track Name: Gravity's Chain
pack it to the top, pull me up to here,
fill me up with smoke,
and try to make it clear,
fold my head in half,
just a cloud to ride,
let the water roll,
to help me get so highhhhh : >
Track Name: Fill if Faster
white lights,
get to the problem and
speak like you have a debt,
driving around at night,
just looking for some value,
so much,
devil in my ears,
this is what he had to say:
well what do you do now?!
so much
princess in my eyes,
unclosed gates of the sunrise,
another sun coming,
you can see her with new eyes,
there’s no such thing as coincidence,
curious poison in your sense,
i can’t give you before or after-thought,
shade, fill it faster.
process of thieves,
island of wait,
palace of nothing,
dead end straight,
blood captain,
flag flying,
look back
the day is too short,
some should never be made again,
collapsing into action,
unmoments but them to piece i guess,
keep what builds you to feel the best,
i can’t give you before or after-thought,
shade, fill it faster
Track Name: Glittered at Dawn
stuck inside this wait,
no day no night just blue,
we built this palace out
of value, well, maybe really just a statue,
you’ve got better bread, well,
i’ll go get that instead then,
while something very special
is being softly said.
glittered at dawn, something is wrong,
i feel a turn but these strings are long,
the edges are dark, the windows are shut,
the light floods the room but it keeps me up.
if i can’t escape division signs,
how can i help you to walk outside?
you don’t ever need much to escape,
all it is is just a little faith,
the only reason things don’t move around,
is what feels like wants to settle down,
but you and i we know of what’s here,
of love that’s floating in the atmosphere
and builds a fire around that ring
of muted voices that make the flames breathe.
you have lost your voice of triumph,
i’m sorry no one can let you in,
i’m sorry that you are empty,
your bones are now hollow so you’re light enough to fly.
macy’s with god, bo is the dog,
we sit upstais because we think they’re wrong,
locking the door, keeping out josh,
he loves you too, but we’ll be the stars.
Track Name: Seeping Through Days
this bit undone, too bad, someone’s
digging their way into the sneakiness,
back on the call, who else is seeking
the ladies that love the way their bodies lay
so do i,
you’re sad, too old to know you’re not,
afford to make yourself cost,
i’ve been climbing down the back of my name,
stuck on babies that sleep in the day,
and i did it all, and i know you’d do it too,
but oh, it’s all you, i do deal this way,
digging through vapes, deal this way,
i do,
like ground for holding closer now,
or sound, maybe distortions house,
some notes just don’t need to be hummed,
which eyes are too bright to get hung
on ladies that love to delay by the window and wait,
i’ve marked the feeling of marching around,
to start feeding the ups and downs,
you’re not rolling on the back on a train,
life’s more important when you feel more insane,
don’t you know it’s only true,
only not if you feel too,
oh, it’s ok, i do real love you,
seeping through days, eat this plague,
i do, i love you baby
Track Name: Darker Side of Night
you’ve got a lof of ways to hold a hand out my love,
sometimes it’s like you would give it all,
shaken by the strength of what a heart is my love,
float between the bursts and never fall.
the other side of light is something special,
the day it has to walk on something right?
what you find in here love,
you can bring outside,
come float with me on the darker side of night,
you have a lot of ways to say that you are brave my love,
the wooden creatures show it with their face,
when i get back home won’t you please greet me my love?
tucked between the things that never stay
the masters called it ‘lake’, mortuary drive,
and never been a friend to where you lay,
paid to have a spot, caught you in the hide,
rode all afternoon away from shade
Track Name: Missile Tongue
missile tongue,
keep it going on,
missile tongue,
love while you are young,
the way you face the news,
stay inside when you cry,
you can shake off the used,
it’s alright to divide, same side.
missile tongue,
everybody won,
missile tongue,
all they do is want,
you look for things to do,
something right for you head,
and might the fires choose
what you like, yeah right!
Track Name: Lady in the Clouds
some like to run,
others like the wind,
and i sit outside to let you in,
you were always my pal,
aren’t you now in the clouds?
mind if i invite all these different types,
all these thin reflections,
held until they’re ripe,
you were always such a shroud,
wasn’t that how you were proud?
lady in the clouds,
what’s your dream about?
what’s to say in saying i love you?
i walk in the morning,
keep me fresh,
keep the wind performing
all the ways i love to see
your hair get in your face
you were frozen all around,
no one could dare put you down,
called to know you’re seasoned,
licking up the dust,
forced to remember everything’s because
you were always my pal,
which one put you into the clouds?